Power consumption of LED display

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In this article, we will introduce how to calculate the greatest power consumption of a LED display.

Firstly, you should know the input current and voltage to the LEDs on LED display. Theoretically, in a environment of lab, the greatest input current to the LEDs on LED display is 20mA, and the voltage to the LEDs on LED display is 5V(But please notice: in actually application, the current to the LEDs on LED display can't reach 20mA). So the power consumption of a LED is 20mA x 5V = 0.1W

So simply, you get the power consumption of one LED on LED display.

And secondly, what you should know is the pixel configuration (pixel constitution) and resolution based on one sq.m. When make this clear, you will know how many LEDs on the LED display.

Let's take P16mm LED display for example:

The pixel configuration (pixel constitution) is 2R1G1B, which means that one pixel consists of 2 red color LED, 1 green color LED and 1 blue color LED. So it's totally 4 LEDs in one pixel. And the resolution per sq.m of P16mm LED display is 3906 pixels, which means there are totally 3906 pixels in one sq.m. Then you will know that there are totally 4x3906=15624 LEDs on one sq.m LED display.

So the greatest power consumption of P16mm LED display is 15624x0.1W=1.56KW.

And the average power consumption of P16mm LED display is 1.56KW/2=780W.

Above calculation way is for static constant current driving LED display. But for scan driving LED display, you must notice: is it 1/4 driving, 1/8 driving or 1/2 driving?

Taking P6mm indoor LED display for example, the usual driving method is 1/8, so if you calculate according to above way, the greatest power consumption of P6mm indoor LED display will be extremely high to more than 8KW.

But actually it's not, the reason is that you need to make the result divided by 8, then you get a greatest power consumption of 1.1KW per sq.m




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