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Common Problem

Q1: the box does not display?

Failure causes:

1, 220V power supply line is not connected

2, cable transmission problem

3, the receiving card is damaged

4, HUB board dislocation

Troubleshooting methods:

1, check the power supply line

2, confirm the replacement of cable

3, the replacement of receiving card

4, reinserted HUB

Q2: the module (3-6 block) do not show?

Failure causes:

1,power protection or damage

2,AC power line contact is not good

Troubleshooting method:

1,detection, confirmation of power supply

2,reconnect the power line

Q3: and the lamp plate high bar does not show?

Failure causes:

1,flat bad contact or disconnection

2,at the junction of the former or the latter display lamp plate output input problem

Troubleshooting method:

1,reinsert or replace the cable

2,To determine which display module fault and then maintenance

Q4: the screen does not work, send card lights not flashing?

Failure causes:

1,The DVI line is not connected

2,The graphics attribute is not set correctly

3,The software of the large screen power off

4,Send card is not inserted in place or send card is broken

Troubleshooting method:

1,Check the DVI connector

2,Reset copy mode

3,Select to open big screen power

4,Reinsert or replace the sending card

Q5: the screen does not work, send card lights?

Failure causes:

1,The screen without power supply;

2,The cable is not connected;

3,Receiving card without power supply or power supply voltage is too low;

4,Sending card bad;

5,Intermediate signal transmission equipment connected or faulty (such as: function card, repeater);

Troubleshooting method:

1,Check the power supply

2,Check the cable connection again

3,Make sure the power output DC power supply in 5-5.2V

4,Send card replacement

5,Check the connection or replacement card (repeater)

Q6: the display brightness is low, display the image blur?

Failure causes:

1, send card application error

2, set the card function wrong

Troubleshooting method:

1, restore default settings and save send card

2, set the display monitor minimum brightness value above 80

Q7: the screen of each display unit to display the same?

Failure causes:

1,Not send display connection file

Troubleshooting method:

1,Resend the screen files, and connected the cable to the sending card

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