How to know the quality of a LED screen

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Now more and more people realize that LED displays are useful in marketing their business. Choosing high quality LED display is also an important issue for most buyers.

1. Led display flatness: Led display of the surface flatness to within 1mm, to ensure the display image is not distorted, partial results raised or recessed Led display's viewing angle appears dead. The quality of roughness determined mainly by the production process.

2.Led display's brightness and viewing angle: indoor full color Led display's brightness to 800cd/m2 above, outdoor led display's brightness to 1500cd/m2 above, in order to ensure the normal operation of Led displays, or because of the brightness is too low and can not see the displayed image. The size of the brightness from the LED display the die is good or bad decision.

Viewing angle directly depends on the size of the audience how many Led displays, therefore the bigger the better. The size of viewing angle of the packages from the die to decide.

3.Led display white balance effect: white balance effect is one of the most important indicators display. Three primary colors red, green and blue color science taken the ratio of the time the show will 1:4.6:0.16 pure white, if the actual proportion of the white balance a little deviation deviation occurs, the general should pay attention to whether there is bluish white, partial yellow-green phenomenon. The quality of the white balance control system mainly by the display determined the reduction of color die is also affected.

4.Led displays color reduction: Led display color reduction is Led displays of color reduction, which is displayed in color Led display and playback source to maintain a high degree of color consistency, so as to ensure realistic images.

5.Led displays whether the Mosaic: Mosaic is the phenomenon of dead appear on the screen Always or often a small four black boxes, both modules necrosis, the main reason for the Led display connectors used in the quality, but off.

Led display dead is Always or often appear on a single point of black, mainly by the number of dead die is good or bad to decide.

6.Led displays without color: color is more obvious between the adjacent modules of the color, the color of the transition to the module as a unit, the phenomenon is caused by color Led display control system by the poor, gray grade is not high, due to lower frequency scan.


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