The LED light rod screen greatly enhances the degree of intelligence

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  Over the past few years, following the gradual landing of the wisdom light rod, the outdoor LED light rod screen has gradually been well known as a supporting application. Development pattern. Many companies have played smart cards to launch new media products that can be updated in a timely and fast transmission speed, bringing users a better experience.

  While the momentum is huge, the outdoor LED light pole screen industry has also developed very quickly. Gradually become the mainstream of the smart light rod project project. It is represented by the Internet of Things sensing technology. Through the sensor detection of people flow, traffic, weather, environment and other information, monitor road traffic, pedestrian safety, urban management, effectively reduce human consumption. More Can improve the level of refined management.

  At the same time, with the popularity of smart light rods, the outdoor LED light rod screen has the basic conditions for deploying the smart light pole project, and has made a good way for the fusion of the smart light rod. The acceptance of intelligent applications is greatly improved, the entire industry is constantly mature, and the market size is expanding. At the same time, the extensive landing application has led to the increasing demand for wisdom and gradually highlights the value of the media.

  It can be seen that the awareness of the outdoor LED light rod screen industry is constantly increasing. With the continuous innovation of technology and the continuous improvement of process processes, many characteristics such as rich product series, diverse functions, and convenient installation and maintenance have been loved by more and more consumers. Under the trend of large -scale consumption upgrades, outdoor LED light rod screens have further presented a diverse trend, and it will also promote the continuous growth of the market size of smart light rods.

  With the development of the outdoor LED light rod screen, it completely broke the original limitations of the past. In terms of remote control, perception, and identification, it has good generalization capabilities, and can also obtain in -depth information, capture various data, empower the ability of smart lamps, face recognition, video calls, and perception detection. The degree of intelligence has been greatly improved.

  In the near future, the outdoor LED light pole screen will have more capabilities. The application mode will become diversified. In the future, there will be more exciting. There are more scenes waiting for us to open the country. Our cognition, the new era of smart applications is coming to us.

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