The common method of aging LED products

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In general, the weakening of high-power leds is there from the start. Factories like ours want to buy LED materials with stable properties, so aging is necessary for leds. There are several aging methods, such as conventional aging, pulse current impact test and so on.

There are several ways to do traditional aging

1. Series connection: under constant voltage and current condition

2. The parallel connection ages

3 series and parallel connection aging: in the case of constant voltage and current

4. Single LED chip aging under constant current

Comparing the four methods, the first method and the third method are the same, if one LED chip failure, then all chips will be affected, such as short circuit or open circuit, the second is the opposite, each LED chip has no relationship with any other, so the aging is not affected; In fact, the current limiting hole resistance is also unreliable, because the LED parameters will be greatly affected by the resistance shift rate and voltage changes. Obviously, the fourth is the most scientific because it fits the characteristics of the LED current.

Aging is an important process in equipment, which is ignored by most manufacturers. If there is a problem with aging, the parameter analysis will be affected, including brightness, wavelength, etc. Pulsed current shock experiments are usually used for aging and use a constant current source whose frequency and current are adjustable so that the quality and expected life of the LED can be judged in a short time.

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