Small Pixel P1.56 Small Pixel P1.56

Die-Casting Aluminum LED Display

Small Pixel P1.56

Small Pixel P1.56

Small Pixel P1.56

Cabinet design: The weight of a single Cabinet is only 5kg and the thickness is only 32mm. Save installation and transportation costs, easily meet more stringent installation environment standards and the ultimate pursuit of the beauty of the whole screen.

Golden Ratio: The cabinet has a 16:9 golden ratio, which can easily achieve ultra-high-definition resolutions such as 2K, 4K, 8K, and 16K, and restore the display effect point-to-point.

Seamless stitching: The die-casting molding process adopts high-precision CNC processing, which can easily realize seamless splicing. The splicing tolerance is controlled within ±0.1mm. With the six-direction automatic adjustment of the XYZ axis of the module and the design of the large module, the ultra-high flatness is perfectly achieved.

Full front maintenance: Modular design: module, HUB, receiving card, power supply can be easily maintained before. The maintenance speed is more than 5 times higher than that of traditional products, which greatly shortens the maintenance time of customers.

Creative Wireless: The cabinets use any internal wiring method of up, down, left, and right, with a simple appearance, and the visual effect of the screen without material splicing.

Ultra wide viewing angle: The viewing angle of the LED screen reaches 160°, and the picture is uniform, clear and natural at all angles.

Display effect

High contrast, low brightness, high brush and high gray, the contrast between light and dark is more obvious, which effectively enhances the details of the picture, restores the true color, and the picture has no smear. More than 28 trillion color display, easy to achieve stunning colors, enhance the sense of technology and visual impact.
Small Pixel P1.56

Super energy management, dynamic energy saving

Adopt high-efficiency chip light extraction technology, high-efficiency heat dissipation design, flip-chip technology and dynamic energy-saving technology to effectively achieve green energy saving.
Small Pixel P1.56


LED Module
Pixel (mm)1.251.56251.875
Module size (mm)300x168.75x3
Module resolution (pixels)240X135192x108160X90
Pixel composition1R1G1B
LED typeSMD1010SMD1212
Working voltage DC)4.2V
Size (mm)600 x337.5 x 25
Cabinet resolution(p ixels)480x270384x216320X190
Cabinet led module composition (W×H)2X2
MaterialDie casting aluminum
Weight (kg)4.5
Pixel density (P ixels/cabinet )1296008294460800
Grayscale (BIT)44909
Color temperature2000K to 9500K  adjustable
Refresh rate (Hz)≥2880
Viewing (horizontal /vertical)160°/120°
Maximum power/average power (W/cabinet)110/40110/40UTV-1.5 6
Input voltage100-220 V
Working temperature-20℃~ 50℃
Working humidity10%RH~ 95%RH
Recommend viewing distance (m)>2.0>2.5
Support installation waysHanging/stacking
MaintenanceFront maintenance

Pixel density (P ixels/ m2)640000409600303407
Maximum power/average power (W/m2)460/175460/175460/175
Signal interface(compatible)DVI/HDMI
Control distanceSuper five network :< 100m;Single fiber :< 10km

The specifications are for reference, actual values may vary.

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